The habits,
the positioning thoughts,
the relationships,
the unresolvable,
the reactions,
the triggers,
the attention span,
the speed,
the assumptions...

What am I?

Am I my thoughts?

Empty out the affinities.
Forget the assimilated self
quantified by the mental relationships
defined by undefinable feelings.
As these thought-types accumulate over the day
we affiliate with their flavour,
their "standing"...
Let the relationships occur as they will on their own.
You will never be able to assimilate total definition.
Be free from these entrapments.

Thoughts like clouds.
Let them pass in the sky of your mind
through the winds of consciousness.
Stay present, undreaming, whole.
Apply zazen to every dimension of being.

"Precisely that self which I haven't thought up is who I really am." - Kodo Sawaki