Prehistoric molars,
edge at earth's mouth,
digestion of sea,
unknown density
before and after
a speck of human life,
arrival of a body
like a fly on seaweed.
Minds shaped
by tides of thoughts,
ocean of consciousness
pouring in and out
through the gates of our face.
Without mind this is not seen.
What is seen?
What is not seen?

Each rock holds the world,
each pool begins creation anew,
bodies are formed...
Mirrors of phenomenon,
form, emptiness,
tremendous breath
blowing through the universe
in which we are breathed,
the greater necessity
that has no eyes, ears, nose,
but is eyes, ears, nose...
Position of a face.
Universal assemblage for perception,
rising, receiving,
establishing, interconnecting,
aligned to create an essential link,
a bridge for living things
to recognize, respond,
cross and travel.

There are objects in space
which are by their nature
representations of time
yet beyond mere "time"
vastness drawing us out...
Overall nature transcendent
refreshing our being of time
washing our being of being
reintroducing the greater
unthinkable thinkable
dimensions never-ending
which think us,
for us,
for it,
for all.

As a Thanks
may we offer our acts
and stability.

24 June, 2015, Rye, New Hamsphire