Beneath a complex sky
all shields fall.
We look Time in the face,
it stares us down,
any He and She of it blowing through us
a wind of love and memory
and what can never be reversed.

As the family gathers
decreasing its distances
our reflections seen of one another converge,
one single point
given by the one who has brought us here.

In its invisible distance
how the point spreads its force!
With love flowing through our appearances
its source has frozen
seeming to have cut us off...
... we are left floating
in the center of the mindís horizon
faced only with ourselves,

Carrying the casket
I carry myself within a ceremony
removed from time.
As it lowers into the earth
I sense it as where I will belong,
hearing the dirt hit the wood
from the acoustics within the coffin,
watching the total darkness gather around my body
mutely into the all-padded silence of my end.
A connectedness taking me outside myself,
light and darkness of communion.
Past has more meaning than words,
these eternal moments...
If we speak,
let the words fall as prayer,
leaving the living, loving bodies.

December 2, 2004