I began this website back in 2003, 8 years after having moved to New York City from California, as a means simply to share my personal inspirations, work and life in music, art and collaboration. It's why I moved here in the first place — to root in the powerful history, the training and abilities, diversity, spiritual community, practice and performance — to connect and put my passion towards the evolving expressive potential of this cosmic timing with like-minded souls.

With our influences today being so vast—our good fortune to be alive and healthy in this era with access to such resources, history, creative tools and travel—my aims with life music and art are through improvisation. Practice, meditation, and curiousity to stretch personal, albeit spiritual connections through instrument, body, compositional work, nature and culture. For, as our body, we ARE our sound. In our movements and pace we set the TONE, and project who we are. Melodicism is motion, gesture the wits... Through our physiological tempos we discover what's around us and study spirit. Our muscle memories from bottom to top provide the recipes for our work and are unique mixtures of directions which need to be stirred, mixed, refreshed, extended and exercised regularly. Our music and art is a reflection of what we've listened to, and seen... Life as improvisation, growth and practice. Improviser as Composer. Music as life, yoga, developing, unique, free and potentially unclassifiable. All things feed the music and its development, inspired by countless feats and events, traditions and studies. People, art, nature and the outdoors, animals, spirit, sport, science, energy... I can’t imagine it any other way. Freedom! We are explorers, awakening and capturing inspiration and curiosity through which to develop our own personal/impersonal artistic language. Improvisation: an appreciation of what’s there, what came before us, and what never ends after us; an accompaniment to the infinite moment; an unpredictable journey in communication—a spiritual homage and curiosity for potential and "ability"—our capability to experiment, channel ideas and expand awareness for receptivity and flexibity in our creative evolution transmitting the non-written or written world.
And the world? It doesn’t know it's been written... named...
So, to go beyond names. In it for the physical necessity, inevitable love and collaborations.
Every day we perform ourselves for the spirits, for the gods, for consciousness, as an offering, to see what happens. Prayer, an acknowledgement, an Appreciation that in a sense is our spiritual work in what we can express towards what we can connect to, and how we can connect to it and correspond and honor each other. The affects of these transmissions on our being is our growth, our furthering meditations in this brief embodied gift-of-a-life.