I'll have a texture sandwich please,
on time, toasted. By the sun... yeah...
Actually, hold on the references too.
You know, nothing prepared at all really,
just throw it together, really dense
in the unexpected areas, lots of space,
room for everything, melody, rhythm...
Mmm, in fact, give me all the dynamics you can,
That's right...
Splatter the harmony everywhere, unpredictably if you will.
Don't want to recognize any of this..
Deep down I know I've always wanted it to some extent.
Oh and on the side? Hmm, don't know yet...
Something with no insecurities I suppose
and lot's of patience... It's gotta know when to come in,
when to evaporate and reflect or invert.
Right... well, give me some of that big love over there too.
That looks great. That's it. Perfect.
Yeah, that's to stay. Actually, wait, to go.