FREEDOM CHOIR - Roulette 11/01/11

A luminous cloud smoked fire, a moment of tumultuous and reverberating visions within the confines of the nostalgic theater.
To say that on All Saint's Day I should not be completely spooked and scared sacred would be to dishonor
the saints and shadowy spirits Ben Gerstein and the Freedom Choir conjured up.
My heart rejoiced particularly by the spirit of Darius Jones... gracefully intoxicated, let himself be filled
and so I thanked him directly face to face by carving the words "thank you" on his palm...
the magic broken only for a brief moment when he thought he knew who I was, asking me if I was "a pianist".
How curious of him to know this of me.

Ben Gerstein, on his knees a Warrior - drawing in his spirit emblazoning the walls and filling the arched sky of the theater.
The climax of sounds now came at me as a call to duty,
a call of wildness and excitement rarely experienced among the more proper of theatrical situations,
or by those who casually attempt a confined inhalation of the arts.

I was alone, a star in the balcony, gazing down at this bubbling volcano.

The theater of reality now succumbed to the sublime..... acoustically brilliant and confining all at once.
Consumed by my own visions of darkness I lived them all out through the sound and its vessels.

I was brought into the space, transformed now into a jungle of collective madness, sadness, admiration, sublimation, lust and destruction, heart pangs and devotion...
and when this princess here saw the souls of your feet exposed, it brought back the humbleness of tears.

I heard cries and shrieks in between each breath,
I heard the ripping of flesh and the howl of the moon,
an incessant desire breaking its way through.

Your physical distance ached me,
but I knew it meant a firm potent affirmation of the message,
an admiration of force I gently took with me that night.